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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Radio.co?

Radio.co is a live streaming platform, which allows anyone to build an online radio station. Live DJs can connect from anywhere in the world amd you can easily and automatically switch between live and automated broadcasting. It's not just for radio stations but anyone who wants to create a human curated audio experience, that could be restaurant chains, gyms, churches, DJs or musicians or you could even use it as part of a game or app!

What's the difference between Radio.co and Wavestreaming?

Over the past ten years of running Wavestreaming, we have seen the online radio space grow significantly. We decided it was time for a change, so we set about building - from the ground up what we think is the best solution for starting a radio station.

How will Radio.co benefit my station?

You'll have easy access to control every aspect of your station from anywhere in the world via our cloud based system. Easily invite other staff to assist with the management and operations of your station!

Do I have to move to the new platform?

We are no longer actively developing Wavestreaming products. We will be discontinuing Wavestreaming services in the future, so it's advised to move over to Radio.co sooner rather than later. We will contact clients to provide at least 3 months notice before any service is discontinued.

Will this cost me extra?

The Radio.co pricing is in line with our present offerings, packages range from $29 - $99/month and you can pay in your native currency; USD, GBP or EUR!

Can I use my existing software to broadcast?

Any standard online radio software works with Radio.co. Including SHOUTcast, SAM Broadcaster, EdCast, StationPlaylist, Nicecast to name but a few!

What type of files can I upload/broadcast?

You can create and schedule playlists using any MP3 files that you upload, either individual tracks or completely pre-recorded shows.

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