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Internet Marketing for Radio Stations

Listener Magnet will teach you a collection of Powerful Marketing Strategies to build momentum and help get more listeners to your Internet Radio Station.

Listener Magnet is a 5 section video training series that will teach you multiple strategies that you can implement to help bring more listeners towards your radio station. When we launched this in March, we had hundreds of radio stations take this on board and those who actually took action and started using the system, started seeing great results.

What you'll learn

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Module 1 - Listener Dynamics

First things first, we need to make sure we are getting the right kind of listeners and making it easy to listen.

  • How to understand the core interests and desires of your audience
  • Attract the right kind of 'match made in heaven' listener to your radio station
  • 3 important rules about building radio station websites
  • The 2 types of listeners that you'll encounter
  • How to catapult your radio station onto huge numbers of WiFi radio devices
  • Discover how to list your station on common iPhone and Android Mobile Apps
Module 2 - Monetization

How can I make some money from my radio station? Whats the best way to make it attractive to advertisers?

  • This is a mini-course on this topic alone worth the value of the course
  • How to begin immediately recouping your investment in listener magnet
  • The 2 primary ways to earn easy auto-pilot cash from your radio site
  • The 2 primary ways to earn easy auto-pilot cash from your radio site
  • Uncover how you can sell other peoples products and profit by doing very little
  • Sell your own high-profit physical items without investing anything into stock
  • What are the best types of advertisers who will pay you month-in-month-out?
Module 3 - Search Engine Optimization

SEO is important as it allows us to get more traffic from the search engines and start growing our audience base.

  • This is our indepth SEO guide taught by Steve, our web and marketing guru
  • Learn how to spy on your competitors and start to steal their traffic
  • Get your site high up on the search engines using Steves 'ninja' SEO Strategies
  • Discover the power of Link Juice and how you can use it to your advantage
Module 4 - Encouraging Raving Fans

Social Media should be the core of any good online radio station, it is the best way to keep listeners engaged in your content and remind them to return and listen again and again.

  • Discover the secrets behind getting listeners to come back time and time again
  • Create a listener base that not only follows, but OBSESSES over you
  • Leverage Social Media as an unfair advantage over your competitor stations
  • How massive corporations use underground tactics to create cult like followings
Module 5 - Blogging

Effective use of blogging can aid your SEO and help you infiltrate the google search results to grab little pockets of people who would make ideal listeners to your radio station.

  • How to setup a blog so its already 'google friendly' with just a few clicks
  • Exploit a technique that celebrity blogs are using to grab vast crowds of viewers
  • Find how how you can Blog the lazy way and still get listeners
  • Enable social sharing & make it a no brainer for readers to share your content
Module 6 - Coming Soon!

We are always adding and improving content within the existing listener magnet modules and plus adding new content and modules, to ensure you have the latest and most effective marketing strategies for your radio station.

  • Even More Great Content
  • Cutting Edge Radio Marketing Strategies
  • All interactively delivered by Video, Screencast, Presentations & PDF!


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