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If you are looking to switch to us from your existing provider, or if you are new to the world of internet radio and are looking to get started. There are plenty of reasons why you can choose Wavestreaming as your stream hosting partner. Here are just a few of them...

Top 10 Reasons to host your radio station with us

  1. We are Wavestreaming

    You will not be told anything that isn't true, the tens of thousands of radio stations we have served over the years have all used our products knowing that they are going to get a quality service. Our brand reputation has been built up over the years and we are not willing to let go of it any time soon. Talk to anyone in the Internet Radio industry, they will only have good things to say about Wavestreaming.

  2. Established 2004

    Many companies offering similar services have been started up over the past few months. Many of them unforutnately, will also dissappear within the coming months - which would leave you out of pocket and offline. We have now been in business for many years since launching April 2004, and in "internet years" this is a long time. The great news is, we plan on sticking around for a long time to come, growing and evolving with our clients.

  3. Up To Date

    With technology moving so fast, we find ourselves doing extensive amounts of research and development into our products and services. All of our servers are kept up to date and secure, with the latest software and network equipment. We also have in house media development team who work from our Manchester city centre offices to build bespoke products and solutions to fit our clients' needs exactly.

  4. Our Impressive 99.9% Uptime is Proven

    Many companies hide away their shameful uptime records. We have indepentantly monitored statistics available for all to see dating back to 2005, all of our streaming servers are monitored 24/7 by Siteuptime.com and we are alerted should there ever be an issue, our servers also have unique 'self healing' technology - which means in the unlikely event that a problem ever arises, our main control system will try and fix it automatically. Check out all of our public uptime records over on our streaming server uptime page.

  5. Premium and Dedicated bandwidth

    We have fine tuned our tried & tested selection of US and UK based datacentre providers over the years. We always ensure that what we sell is what we can deliver. You will always be able to max out your streaming server on our standard network at any time, guaranteed. Our standard network offerings never include oversold bandwidth or use 'shared' pools of bandwidth.

  6. In Love with Radio and Video

    We live and breathe radio and video. Not only are we good at the technical aspects of internet radio, but we understand the rest too with team members coming from multimedia backgrounds. Meaning you can trust us to deliver when it comes to understanding you as the customer, your needs and requirements.

  7. Real People, Real Company

    Unlike many other so called 'companies' selling services on the internet. We actually have an office and our business isn't based out of someones back room. You'll have access to highly experienced sales and support available via our support desk. Also behind-the-scenes on our technical development, server administration, marketing, accounts and so on.

  8. Credit Crunch? We're Debt Free

    In the current economic climate, we understand that it is important to spend money carefully. With so many businesses failing and going under - we are pleased to say that we do not have any commercial debt, bank loans, capital investment or any other form of debt and thus our company is extremely stable and highly profitable. Infact, over the past 2 years - we have consistently doubled our turnover.

  9. We move FAST

    Our team is trained to use efficient systems and processes that have been engineered to be lightning fast. There are no 'corporate board meetings' or long complicated procedures to slow things down, nor will you be passed from department to department when contacting support, the decision making process is logical and powerful and this allows us to react quickly to your needs.

  10. Pioneers in Online Radio Technology

    A vast range of our value added products have been developed by us, in house based on our clients' feedback. Many features are trade-secrets which are not available through any of our competitors. If you want your station to automatically have the advantage then you need to make sure that you are using the best that is available.


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Wavestreaming has been instrumental in legitimising our radio streaming services by giving us the reliable servers we need to keep our clients happy. - LV Rocks Radio


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