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Love Wavestreaming? Let people know with our free sweepers and banners for your website and station. Our free sweepers ideal for placing between tracks and give your station a more professional sound.

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NEWS FLASH: We've launched a cutting edge radio platform. will get you on air fast! Find Out More

Wavestreaming is the number one provider of internet radio services, having been in business since 2004, having served tens of thousands of stations and maintaining an impeccable 99.9% uptime record, you are guaranteed a professional broadcast!

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  • ShoutCast V2 Servers

    Launch your own internet radio station today with our incredible SHOUTcast hosting services. Our hosting is packed full of features and we have a 6 year track record of 99.9% uptime in both US and UK server locations.

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  • Radio Player

    With our free Flash SHOUTcast player you can embed your stations' stream on any webpage. Try RadioPlayer Web for customizable viral Facebook distribution. You can also go Mobile and take your station onto iPhone or Android.

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  • Stream Logger

    Stream Logger records your stations output 24/7. The recordings are then kept for 60 days for instant access, entirely cloud based so you can set and forget!.

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Radio dot co is a brand new internet radio platform, by Wavestreaming
  • iPhone App

    Our new App Builder makes it easier than ever for you to createan iPhone App. Social media sharing means you can virally distribute your station via Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Twitter #NowPlaying

    Tweet the tracks you are currently playing directly to your Twitter timeline. It’s simply a matter of installing the app, choosing what hash tags you want to include and choosing how often you want the tweets to be sent.

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  • Cloud DJ

    Cloud DJ is the ultimate way to get started in internet radio. Using our web-based broadcast system you can schedule music and programming, go live, have multiple DJs around the world and much more.

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Wavestreaming has helped thousands of stations around the world get broadcasting and get heard. Read some of their stories.

The new player is fast, easy to use, and the customisable aspects allow it to be unique for our site, giving our users the best experience when listening to our station. - Filth FM


Inspire creativity and encourage hands-on learning with Wavestreaming's incredibly easy-to-use internet radio products. Discover a new, fun and engaging way to teach students communication, project management, team work, and much more.

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In an ever more complicated and diverse world, spreading your message can be difficult. With Wavestreaming's easy-to-use products you could reach further to a potential audience of thousands. Religious radio is on the rise and we're here to make you part of it.

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Done right, in-store radio can be utilised to reflect your brand, enhance your customers experience and, ultimately, increase sales. Implementation is quick, easy and affordable.

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